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Buy a New Photocopier For Your Maidstone Business Today!

Magenta Digital Systems sell a wide variety of new scanners and photocopiers from Develop to customers across Kent and Maidstone. 

Whether you are purchasing a new photocopier, or considering buying our used and refurbished copiers, we offer a wide variety of choices with options such as stapling and booklet making and page printing speeds fast enough for almost any modern office across Maidstone and Kent.

Any time you make an investment into new technology and equipment you want to be certain it is just the right machine for your Maidstone office and a key part of our sales service is expert consultation and advice from our team.  

We will help you work out how much printing you tend to do on a monthly basis and then suggest a suitable machine. We will then look at optional features that may help to improve efficiency in your Maidstone work environment. Some of the key features of our Develop range of multi-function photocopiers includes: 

  • All-in-one multi-function copier, printer, scanners
  • Printing and scanning up to A3 size paper
  • Full colour and black and white as standard
  • Document feeders for scanning and copying multi page documents
  • Paper folder add ons to speed up stuffing envelopes
  • Auto-staplers and hole punch add-ons
  • Touch screen, smart-phone style operation
New Photocopier Sales

Modern printers and photocopiers offer much more than simply producing single pages, many of us remember standing by the copier for hours hand folding, collating and hand stapling memos and briefings together. So much of this can be automated now saving large amounts of employee time; some our machines can staple, scan, collate and copy together booklets up to 100 pages or incorporate finishing like saddle stitch if you regularly produce brochures or prospectus which may suit something other than simple corner or side staples. 

New and refurbished copy, print and scan multi function machines available in Maidstone

Providing copier, printer, scanner multi function machines to small businesses, schools across Kent, Surrey and East Sussex, including Maidstone. 

Contact us today if you would like to know more about any of the coper-printers in the range, or to find out which machines are available as cost-effective refurbished options, serviced and guaranteed by our manufacturer-trained engineers.